Total Site Support

To stay ahead of the pack you need to be an expert in every step of your supply chain and manufacturing processes.
Are you exceptionally good at every activity you do? RJ Consulting provides solutions to build that excellence.
Our complete industrial Facilities and Energy Management offering lets you focus on what you are good at – your core activities, and lets RJ Consulting look after the areas where our expertise can help you enhance your competitive ability and achieve remarkable results.

What are they?

RJ Consulting enhances your competitiveness with a unique and proven site-wide industrial facilities and energy management solution. A complete range of support services from one company.

  • Improving energy efficiency.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Raising productivity.

Our comprehensive “Total Facilities Management” offering ensures manufacturers of all types receive benefits not only in the short term but continue to receive them into the future.

Modernizing facilities and uniform upgrades to current energy systems:

  • Providing new life to old systems and facilities
  • Increasing capacity and reliability for new assets
  • Improving maintenance efficiencies
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Demonstrating energy responsibility by becoming an environmental steward
  • Managing soaring energy costs proactively
  • Improving comfort of your facility
  • Improving employee working conditions



Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.


Involvement in and support of the community are at the heart of our company.


Structure’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.

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